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Premier Saver
Less than .35¢ per day
Two Years, 24 Months
Up to 4 Lines, Bold 1st & Last  *

Locked position, or Higher
Includes up to three copy changes, at no additional charge
$    249.00
Value Pak
Less than .41¢ per day
One Year, 12 Months
Up to 4 Lines, Bold 1st & Last  *

Locked position, or Higher
Includes up to one copy change, at no additional charge
$    149.00
Starter Pak
Less than .55¢ per day
One Half Year, 6 Months
Up to 4 Lines, Bold 1st & Last  *

Locked position, or Higher
$      99.00
Changes and Updates Changes may be made to ad copy at any time needed, with the exception of the business name. Changing of business name will render original agreement null and void. $        5.00
per change

*   Maximum of 40 characters and spaces, top and bottom lines, and 52 characters for lines two and three.

For more information, or to get started right away,

You may also choose to download the application form Here , print it out, fill out and Fax it in.

Your ad will be viewed in our easy to read tables, in the order it is received, and for the duration you select. From that point on, as long as you renew your ad prior to expiration, your position will be maintained. To be assured of a spot closest to the top, make your commitment as soon as possible, and choose the plan that best fits your budget. Your ad will also be viewed over and over again, on multiple pages throughout our website, by our random ad generator. We have even posted a "Featured Advertiser" panel to the main opening page of our site.

Our "Premier Saver" is for those wishing to ad your web presence to our Business Directory, and get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck. This will ultimately be your most cost effective means of keeping your name in front of the public, not just locally, but World-Wide, at about .35¢ per day.

Our twelve month "Value Pak" is our most popular plan, at less than .41¢ per day, with just a $149.00 one time fee, for a full twelve months of exposure.

Or, perhaps because of budget constraints, or for whatever reason, you may choose our six month plan which gives you a full six months of media exposure for just over .54¢ per day, or $99.00 for the full six months. Remember, either plan will assure you of the best available position, or higher, for as long as you continue to renew your ad with us.

Your plan fees cover the cost of up to four lines of copy, with your business name at the top, and the last line with your phone number and/or website address, in Bold type.

We will be happy to make changes as you request, for just $5.00 per change after you have exceeded your FREE Copy Changes. You may wish to use this option to run occasional Specials that are only available when your customer mentions this ad. Changes may also include descriptive copy, slogans, your web address or phone number changes, but there can be no change to the first line, your business name. Any change to the actual business name constitutes a new ad, and renders the original ad, null and void.

Although MecostaOnline.Com strives to offer the fastest servers and complete uninterrupted service, we can not be held liable for occasional or temporary loss of service. For over five years, MecostaOnline.Com has maintained greater than 99.9% up-time, and will do what is necessary to continue that same great service.